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Contact Management on All of your Device

Collaboration has never been easier. Connect and communicate with your colleagues, friends or outside contributors in a few clicks. Conveniently import information from other devices, or simply export your contacts list for a more efficient team-working environment.

Advanced search to make your life easier

Make your life easier with super fast search. With Flockmail's search you will find emails which you are looking for in seconds. Search by subject line, sent date, keywords.

Schedule meetings and plan your day

You will not miss any important meeting or date, because calendar allows you to schedule and track all your meetings in one place. Want to set up a meeting with your teammates? No problem. Check their availability in just a second.

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The Hostingmella team is comprised of highly skilled and dedicated individuals, constantly striving to expand their knowledge of web hosting and web-based business solutions in order to bring innovative offerings to the industry.

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